For some reason, since I set up my new machine, when I p4 sync I would get directories that aren’t writeable. This means that lzx files won’t compile since the swf needs to be written into the directory.

To work-around this, I tried to just set permissions on all the directories. My first attempt (below), didn’t work…. anyone know why? the second one is more verbose and did work.

$ find * -type d | chmod a+w
chmod: missing operand after `a+w’
Try `chmod –help’ for more information.

Verbose work-around:
$ for i in * ; do if [ -d $i ]; then chmod a+w $i ; fi ; done

A better answer: the chmod command does not accept arguments on stdin, so you can’t just pipe a file list to it:

$ find . -type d -print0 | xargs -0 chmod a+w

xargs is your friend

I’ve enjoyed experimenting with the “alpha” relase of processing (via Sam Wan). It’s a fun new programming environment which is good at creating freeform animations and playing with colors in space. (There are examplefs of sound and camera input in the exhibition area, but I haven’t gotten that far myself.)

Here are two interactive pieces that I made. It was fun to remember trignometry. It has been a long time since I wrote code to animate a simple bounce. Processing let me focus on the core of the pattern without worrying about the mundane details (at least until I had to draw a button). This will be a great teachnig language, and it is quite impressive for an early release.