Location: San Francisco or Mountain View, CA

Join our team to build server-side infrastructure that powers Web and mobile applications, as well as back-end distributed systems. The software we build powers Google Cloud Platform and Firebase and is used by more a million developers worldwide.

What we’re building is part of a movement to create so-called “serverless” infrastructure — it still runs on the server-side, but developers don’t have to manage and provision servers. We aspire to create a “zero ops” environment, where developers can focus on developing and deploying code, with little to no setup effort and easy operations. The teams at Google have built some awesome tech with incredible scale and reach, yet we need a bit more infrastructure to power this next generation technology.

We are looking for developers who are excited to write code that will solve common problems related to the development of distributed systems, addressing security and privacy concerns, as well as operating systems at scale. Day to day work will require the ability to understand and communicate about the way various layers of a broad stack can influence each other and will require a commitment to a delightful developer experience.


  • Use your technical creativity to build systems and languages that execute quickly and safely in highly replicated services.
  • Develop your intuition for how developers feel and think, making sure our customers can reason about security so they build safe applications.
  • Create significant impact inside and outside of Google, building key infrastructure for internal use, open-sourcing components and driving industry adoption.
  • Interact with external developers at all phases of product development, including user research and testing, presenting at conferences, and working with customer support.

If this sounds like the kind of opportunity you would be excited about, then we would love to hear from you. We are dedicated to being an inclusive team where people respect and learn from each other.

We are seeking a generalist. Ideally you will already have some of the skills below and would be interested in learning the others over time:

  • Designing and building distributed systems
  • Language design and compiler implementation
  • Making tradeoffs to simultaneously optimize server architecture, client library implementations, and the design patterns customers will use
  • Designing APIs that apply security best practices and help guide developers to do the same
  • Coding in multiple languages
  • Production engineering
  • Open-source development


Minimum qualifications

  • Knowledge of Computer Science whether from formal training or learned as part of practical experience
  • Software development experience in one or more general purpose programming languages, along with the interest and ability to learn other coding languages as needed.
  • Experience working with two or more from the following: web application development, Unix/Linux environments, mobile application development, distributed and parallel systems, machine learning, networking, developing large software systems, open-source development, computer language design, compiler implementation, and/or security software development.
  • Effective communication in verbal and written English.

Preferred qualifications

  • 2+ years of experience.
  • BS, Master’s, PhD degree, further education or experience in engineering, computer science or other technical related field.
  • Experience with one or more general purpose programming languages including but not limited to: Java, C/C++, C#, Swift, Objective C, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, or Go.
  • Experience working with mobile application development, open-source development on Github, computer language design, compiler implementation, and/or security software development.
  • Interest and ability in giving talks and engaging with external developers.

About the team

We are a collaborative multi-functional team that works to take the best Firebase design patterns and offer them as more widely used general infrastructure. We aim for everyone to give an internal tech talks within our team at least once per quarter, and if you are interested, there’s opportunity to develop your speaking skills and give talks all over the world.

Get in touch

If you have quick questions, feel free to tweet @ultrasaurus

Send a resume to my awesome staffing partner Chelsea Azevedo. She’ll make sure to get back to you. She will also forward any personal notes — I’d love to hear about what in particular makes you excited about this opportunity.

If you happen to know me, feel free to reach out via LinkedIn — second or even third connections are fine, if you send a note with some context :)