This lovely web application for choosing paint colors is linked from the Behr home page and can also be found in Home Depot stores running in a kiosk.

Built in LZX and deployed with the Laszlo Presentation Server, this rich internet app would be categorized as a “product configurator.” It is the most beautiful and compelling example I’ve seen.

I suddenly feel like painting my living room.

Maps are a natural way to use images to visualize a lot of data in a small space, or even a little bit of data in an interesting way.

I was inspired by IndyJunior to spend last Sunday afternoon experimenting with maps. Using the IndyJunior Flash application I mapped places I’ve lived. It’s a very easy process that consists of editing an XML file with your locations and clicking buttons in a nify configuration app that let’s you select the look-and-feel of the map.

The IndyLog also points to some other fun maps, like a map guestbook . Is it just a fun novelty to index notes by geographic location? or does it add meaning?